René Redzepi endorses the EAT YOUR SIDEWALK COOKBOOK!

We have great news to share!

René Redzepi, chef, and founder of the world’s best restaurant Noma, has endorsed the Eat Your Sidewalk Cookbook:

“This is exactly the kind of philosophical look at foraging that is needed today.”

For those of you unfamiliar with René’s work he is the chef behind the world famous foraging centric restaurant Noma. Besides regularly being voted the top restaurant in the world by the San Pelligrino awards, René is a major figure in re-imagining how we eat, cook and engage with our environment. 

We believe strongly that foraging, cooking, and eating are potentially revolutionary philosophical and ecological acts. And so we are really pleased that René recognizes both how urgently we need a philosophical rethinking of eating and cooking, and that the Eat Your Sidewalk Cookbook is doing exactly this.

For more on our time with René talking about the book and dreaming up a sidewalk revolution: here is the whole story

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