What is Eat Your Sidewalk?

Eat Your Sidewalk is a project to transform our urban ecosystems and our relation to the world around us. In the age of the anthropocene we need to rethink how we live and who we are. We believe that simple and direct practices that help foster our interdependency on our immediate environment are critical to this effort. We need to feel, see, think and act as entangled intra-dependent multi-species beings. Urban foraging brings us into immediate contact with the world directly underfoot in a manner that can begin this transformation of ourselves and our urban environments.

Eat Your Sidewalk is a "sidewalk to table" slow-food local placemaking movement that fosters direct engagement and a renewed sense of wonder and dependency on our urban ecosystems. It develops new practices for establishing a sustainable and resilient urban world. We believe that such a world is one that takes into consideration all of the ongoing work of ecosystem shaping by all species. We term this a "multispecies commons." Our goal in the Eat Your Sidewalk Project is to work with other species in new ways. We believe that all is this is best begun via the joyous means of urban foraging and cooking.

The Eat Your Sidewalk project initiatives:

  1. Urban foraging walks, workshops, tasting and challenges
  2. Speaking engagements: Readings, lectures, hosted discussions
  3. Foraging guides: The Eat Your Sidewalk Cookbook, Codebook and Posters are critical tools for rethinking 
  4. Landscape shaping: We are working to create Food Forests, Edible meadows, and Foraging Green Spaces.
  5. Urban planning: We are developing new bio-remediation logics for urban ecosystems.
  6. Environmental Consultation: We work with organizations, businesses, and communities to develop new ecological systems.
  7. Network Development: We are developing a global network of collaborators.

 We began this movement in 2011 as the natural evolution of our longstanding engagement in practices of placemaking, the commons, urbanism, microbiology, rethinking the human, foodways, wayfinding, socially engaged art, ecology and evolution (amongst many other things).

Who are we?

We are SPURSE: a boundary blurring design lab that focuses on the social, ecological and ethical transformation of eating, the  commons and placemaking. We work to empower communities, institutions, infrastructures, and ecologies with tools and adaptive solutions for system-wide change. Drawing upon our diverse backgrounds we utilize unique immersive methods to co-produce new ecologies, food systems, urban environments, public art, experimental visioning, strategic development, alternative educational models, and expanded configurations of the commons.

For more information on all that we do check out our webpage: spurse.org

Please be in contact: spurse01@gmail.com