We are doing workshops, book readings, design consultations, restaurant programs, meals, teaching classes and giving lectures. Please be in contact with us directly if you are interested in working with us:


November 13-15 Pennsylvania State University. 

November 1st - December 13th William Paterson University Exhibition. 

October 2-5 Beirut

September 2nd Boston Society for the Social Study of Science Conference. Foraging walk & tasting/presentation. 

August Philadelphia 

June 25th Tasting Rhinebeck, NY. Please contact us for details

June 9th Foraging Walk with Nomad/9 Interdisciplinary MFA University of Hartford

May 19th Lahore Biennale 01 

February 23 Book Launch @ UCLA! We are out in LA doing a series of events:

February 4th  Book Discussion in New Paltz











Over the last decade we at SPURSE have been working across the globe to rethink urban ecosystems, develop practices of urban foraging, initiate a "sidewalk to table" slow-food movement and build multi-species commons as a new form of place-making. Here are some of things we have been up to:

We have been working with Mary Miss and the City as Living Laboratory project for a number of years.  Here is an overview of our of our urban foraging and urban ecosystem reimaging walks. More information here and a video.

SPURSE developed an urban foraging landscape with Pitzer College. Here is our campus urban foraging guide and interactive map.

On Multi-species making and unmaking -- We were part of a project with Aarhus University Research on the Antropocene (AURA) and Kunsthall Aarhus. Here is the workshop program.

In which we come to know that the greater part of the stomach lies outside the body. An urban foraging and urban ecology project we did with the Women's Studio Workshop

We led a wonderful urban foraging walk at Wignall College CA as part of an exhibit we participated in at their art center. Here is great overview of the day by Julia Cosgrove. Fall 2014. Here is the poster.

SPURSE hosted a day of events at Marymount College NYC: Eat Your Sidewalk: A New Paradigm for Food+Cities+Place: An Urban Foraging Walk, Exhibit tour, Film screening, and Reading + tasting from the Eat Your Sidewalk Cookbook. In conjunction with the exhibit: Fall 2014.

In 2012 our Kickstarter to write a new type of urban foraging guide was successful here is PSFK's take on it.

NYC Design Collaborative Shows Communities How To Cook with Ingredients from the Sidewalk. Rebecca Paul at Inhabitat writes about our urban foraging guide.

A Video of our first urban foraging walk and meal at Pitzer College that began our year long collaboration to collaboratively design an edible campus.

Authentically Local did a piece on the Eat Your Sidewalk One Week Challenge.

We collaborated with AECOM on a wonderful urban foraging walk + cook-off and discussion. April Philips writes a wonderful review of this.

The Civil Appetites: Urban Foraging Walk + Meal + Discussion as part of an exhibition at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center. Another overview of the event.

We developed a series of self guided urban ecosystem walks and questions for the city of Denver. Here is an overview of this.