‘This is exactly the kind of philosophical look at foraging that is needed today.’

René Redzepi, Chef and Co-owner of NOMA. Four-time winner of ‘Best Restaurant in the World’ award

‘EAT YOUR SIDEWALK: An ode to the pleasure of the encounter in which we learn to make our own sidewalks come alive. Taking it with us as an instructional booklet, travelogue, glossary, philosophical treatise, and anthropology, we begin a journey toward a multi-species encounter that includes more than what we already recognize, folding in those qualities, histories, and potentialities of the more-than-common, inviting us to begin to digest new ways of encountering the world.’

Erin Manning, Philosopher. Author of Relationscapes: Movement, Art, Philosophy

‘Provocative. Insightful. Transformative. A must read for all those interested in contemporary ideas of the commons, and their connections to food, ecology and community today.’ 
Linda Weintraub, Historian & Critic. Author of TO LIFE! Eco-Art in Pursuit of a Sustainable Planet

 ‘This is the cookbook that chefs, and all those who believe in the transformative power of cooking, have been waiting for! This book is challenging, rascally and full of genuinely brilliant cooking. Wandering across my city, and working in my kitchen will never be the same.’ 
Leon Johnson, Detroit Chef & Artist 

‘EAT YOUR SIDEWALK lives up to its promise to deliver mind-bending recipes that totally redefine what it is to be a cookbook. And maybe more importantly, what it means to act locally.’ 
Nathaniel Corum, Ecological Designer & Author of The Straw Bale House

’At a time, when urban poverty and food security are some of the most pressing challenges faced by our cities today, EAT YOUR SIDEWALK takes the Farm to Fork movement one step further to Sidewalk to Fork, challenging us to think about the potential of a place in a way that’s more personal than ever before.’ 
Stephen Engblom, AECOM Global Cities Director