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Dandelion Wine

Here it is spring, the snow is fast melting and the first buds are on the trees. It is time to prepare for an explosion of plants poking out everywhere. Spring is a joyous moment for urban foraging. We at SPURSE would like to offer you a recipe from the Eat Your Sidewalk Cookbook for one of our favorite moments in spring: when the Dandelions first emerge: the making of Dandelion Wine. This wine is really a dry champagne -- floral, crisp, bubbly and refreshing. Well worth the effort! This excerpt is from the third chapter when we start to really wrestle with the concept of "commonness." So you can skip down to the recipe if you wish or enjoy...

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On Urban Foraging

This is an older SPURSE post, but it seems like a good one to revisit as we publish the Eat Your Sidewalk Cookbook: ON URBAN FORAGING: As part of our Live Feeds program we have been doing quite a bit of foraging, collecting all sorts of green leafy plants found in unexpected places, from outside the huge transnational food market at Hunts Point in the Bronx to the traffic islands on Houston St. right in front of the Lab. We even picked some catmint for our cat from the Lab’s flower bed! It is summer and the bracing bitterness of dandelion is refreshing… So why not think about “urban comfort” by connecting our appetites to what is right under our...

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