Fall 2017 Events

Its shaping up to be a busy fall! Join us out on the sidewalks -- we would love to work with you. 

Tuesday, October 10 12:30 pm Come watch and discuss "The Gleaners & I" with SPURSE at William Patterson University. More info here.  Cheng Library Auditorium. Admission: FREE

"Considered one of the ten best documentary films ever made, The Gleaners & I, by Agnes Varda, a founding figure of the French New Wave, focuses on gleaning -- the practice of salvaging what is left in farm fields, markets and elsewhere. The film makes us rethink our connections to food, each other and even ourselves. This documentary will be presented by the design collective "SPURSE," in conjunction with the WP Galleries exhibition "Breaking Bread: Artists Explore Food Practices," featuring work from their new critically acclaimed book: "The Eat Your Sidewalk Cookbook." 

October 11 - 15th We will be in Beirut as part of the Sharjah Biennial 13.  "Themed around the keyword culinary, Upon a Shifting Plate... where talks, workshops, walks, cooking sessions and other events explore the production and consumption of culinary heritage and how our eating habits condition and shape our psychological and cultural dispositions." We will be leading a foraging walk on Oct. 13 at 11am, then hosting a cooking session Oct 11 at 10-12pm. We are serving an experimental dinner "Eating into Future-Past Cosmologies - Tasting the Future" Oct. 13, 2:30pm at STATION. Come join us for what promises to be a series of really remarkable events.

November 1 through December 13 we will be participating in an exhibition Breaking Bread at William Patterson University. "The exhibition Breaking Bread: Artists Explore Food Practices features painting, sculpture, photography, installation, and performances that examine our multifaceted relationship to food. While eating is generally a mundane daily routine, this exhibition considers how we find our food, who we consume it with, and what meaning is created through these experiences. Artists include: Ruth Borgenicht, Juanli Carrión, Alison Kuo, SPURSE, and Marion Wilson."

November 13-15 We will be in residence at Penn State University. 

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