Beirut #3: The Dinner


Two-thirty came quickly. SIxty-five guests quickly filled the space, and we were off.

We introduced the shape of the afternoon: directly tasting our immediate environment from ocean to mountain top. 


Air: Sage and Eucalyptus (burned in room)

Sea Rock: Limestone sea tumbled rock prepared in Mediterranean ocean (served individually on pine)

Sea Glass: Sea Glass tumbled briefly with bruised lime zest (served individually on pine)

Cocktail: Sea Water, Sea Salt Smoked, Vodka, Spring Water with Gas (In glass)


River Bed

[Air: Lime leaves (burnt in room)]

River Rock: Limestone Rock tumbled smooth in Dog River (Served Individually on Pine)

Rough Mountain Rock: Limestone Rock with freshly mashed olive extraction and Juniper rub

Cocktail: Mashed Wild Plum, Mountain Blue Berry, Whole Wild Plum, Vodka, Spring Water with Gas (In glass)



[Air: Lime leaves (burnt in room)]

Mud: Riverbed Clay with roux suspension (On Mountain Flint)

Cocktail: Prickly Pear Cactus Pear with Vodka and Spring Water with Gas (In glass)



[Air: Pine resinl (burnt in room)]

Fish Bone: 

Sardine Bones Blackened with Fried Fish Skin

Watercress blanched with Vinegar, Sorrel and Pickled Watercress Roots

Dusting of Whole Fried Flowers and Mashed Flower Seed, Salt

(Served to Share on Pine)

Cocktail: Gin Chaser with Chickpea Foam, Olive Bark Dust, Pine Resin, Vodka and Spring Water with Gas (In glass)



Mountain Berry Dessicate Juice (In glass)



[Air: dried mountain weeds (burnt in room)]


Pickled Prickly Pear Frond with Lime Tomato Ceviche

Lamb Quarter Dusting

Henbit Dusting


Burned Prickly Pear Frond with Caramelized Honey and Lime Ceviche

Fennel Dusting

Salt Dusting

(Served to Share on Pine)

Cocktail: Chilled Sardine Liver & Mountain Greens Stock with Salt (In gGlass)



[Air: grasses & flowers (burnt in room)]

Fried Filet:

Banana Leaf Strip

Fried Filet

Grape Leaf and Fish Offal Sautee

Oak Chestnut Minced

(Served to Share on Pine)

Cocktail: Mountain Sage Water

Lime Leaf with Honey Brush



[Air: steam of olives (burnt in room)]


Frozen Mountain Blue Berry Sticker

Plum on Plum Ice, Half Mountain Plum, Plum Orange Ice with Pomegranate



Sea Rock: Limestone sea tumbled rock prepared in Mediterranean ocean (served individually hand to hand)

Cocktail: Mountain Water (In Glass)


This is part three of four blogs on our time in Beirut (part one, part two, part four).

We were invited to Beirut by Christine Tohme to participate in the Sharjah Biennial 13  Tamawuj Beirut Off-site Project: Upon a Shifting Plate. A very special thanks to everyone who helped make this project possible: the whole team at Ashkal Alwan,  and Station.  Zakaria Nasser, who worked day and night, from sea to sky, we thank you deeply -- nothing would have happened without your remarkable collaboration and assistance.

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